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ILCS is a full trading member of the IIFA (Irish International Freight Association).

Pursuant to the powers conferred upon it by Memorandum and Articles of Association the Membership of the Association have adopted by resolution the following as its Code of Conduct.

  • Objects

    The objects of the Association and the intentions of the Association's Code of Conduct are to:

    a) Maintain the reputation, good standing and name of the Association and its Membership.

    b) Generally to watch over, promote and safeguard the interests of the general public in their dealing with the Association by the establishment and maintenance of a high professional code so as to demonstrate that the integrity, the quality, the service and the professionalism of the Association shall be of the highest standard.

    c) Promote public confidence in the Association and its Members and in that cause to prevent or correct abuses by the Membership which might undermine this confidence.

    d) Promote and develop the mutual interests of all Members of the Association in their relationship with their clients, operators of all forms of transport, the statutory and regulatory authorities and with each other.

    e) To promote amongst the Membership the need to improve their professional status and to ensure high standard of professional conduct and practice.

  • Conduct

    a) At all times, within the law, the Membership shall undertake to provide a confidential and competent service having regard to the proper interests of their clients.

    b) Undertake not to intentionally mislead any third party in any matters pertaining or relative to their business of service.

    c) In the performance of their services to clients the Membership undertake that all information provided by them to clients or Third Parties shall be accurate.

  • Enforcement

    There shall be a Disciplinary Committee which shall be entitled to act in accordance with the regulations hereunder providing as follows:

    (i) The Disciplinary Committee shall consist of the President of the Association, the Chief Executive of the Association and one other person who may be a member of the Council or in the event of an unrelated professional nominee.

    (ii) The Disciplinary Committee shall be empowered to consider a complaint against any Member of the Institute whether by member of the public or by another Member. On request from the Disciplinary Committee the Member against whom the complaint has been made shall provide such further information or documentation as may be required by the Disciplinary Committee, same to be provided within the time specified by the said Committee.

    (iii) The Disciplinary Committee shall not apply or recommend the application of any sanction against any Member without giving the said Member reasonable opportunity to consider the complaint and to provide a response to the said complaint.

    (iv) The Disciplinary Committee shall be empowered pursuant to these regulations to:

    • Issue such caution, warning or reprimand as it may consider necessary and/or

    • Terminate the Membership of such member.

    (v) Notwithstanding the foregoing any Member whose Membership has been terminated by the Disciplinary Committee shall have the right to appeal to the Council within twenty days of the pronouncement of the said findings. Notice of the said findings shall be communicated as speedily and as expeditiously as possible by the Disciplinary Committee to the said Members.
24th August 2017
ILCS joins forces with PRL Group.

With effect from this month, we are embarking on an exciting new phase of our development...

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