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Standard Container 20' | 40' | 40' High-Cube Version
Suitable for any general cargo.
Various lashing devices on the top and bottom longitudinal rails and cornerpost.


Hard-Top Container 20' | 40' | 40' High-Cube Version
Equiped with a removable steelroof. Especially for heavy loads and overheight cargo. Loading through roof opening and doorway by swung out doorheader.


Open-Top Container 20' | 40'
With removable tarpaulin. Especially for overheight cargo.
Loading either from top side or door side by swung out doorheader.


Flat Rack 20' | 40' | 40' High-Cube Version
Especially for heavy loads and overwidth cargo.


Platform 20' | 40'
Especially for heavy loads and oversized cargo.
Non domestic shipments.


Ventilated Container 20'
Especially for cargo which needs ventilation.


Refrigerated Container 20' | 40' | 40' High-Cube Version
Reefer Container do have their own electrically operated cooling/ heating unit. The power supply is provided by ship's electrical plant, by terminal or by "clip-on" diesel generator.


Tank Container 20'
For the transport of liquid food, e.g.:
  • Alcohols
  • Fruit juices
  • Edible oils
  • Food additives
24th August 2017
ILCS joins forces with PRL Group.

With effect from this month, we are embarking on an exciting new phase of our development...

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