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Guiding Principles

The Policy of our Company is to provide a comprehensive range of international logistics, consolidation and freight forwarding services of consistently high quality to our Customers. We regard the following as some of the essential qualities of a good Freight Forwarder, which form our guiding principles in the development of our business…

    We cater for a relatively small base of large Customers, so that we are ideally structured to provide a very personalized service. Our continued prosperity is dynamically linked to our Customers' satisfaction with the value of our service. We ensure that our Company continues to be structured to enable our staff provide the personal service our Customers are entitled to expect.

    Fundamental ingredients in meeting our objectives are the expertise, experience, commitment, conscientiousness and dedication of our staff, whose work enables us to deliver the service our Customers require. We provide the optimum working environment, all necessary training and resources to enable our staff to service our Customers' needs.

    We take pride in our impeccable reputation in the industry and amongst our Customers. We take pride in our ability to minimize, not only the resources our Customers' must deploy to manage the shipping function, but also the stress involved for personnel in our Customers' shipping and customer service departments. When problems occasionally arise, we maintain complete ownership of the problems and work intensively to minimize the effect on all concerned.

    To enable us to provide the optimum standard of service to Customers, we strive to develop a detailed understanding of our Customers' business, and a clear understanding of the needs and requirements of their business and clients.

    We seek to integrate with our Customers, to become a key partner both in delivering reliable, consistent and high quality service to their Customers overseas, and managing the efficient, cost effective transport of supplies and raw materials from suppliers abroad.

    The application of I.T. enables us to maximize our productivity and maintain a competitive edge. We continually invest all necessary financial and management resources to ensure that we are equipped with "State of the Art" computer and communications technology, to serve the evolving needs and expectations of our Customers, and thus ensure survival in our dynamic industry.

    As an independent freight forwarder, our choice of routes and services is governed exclusively by the best interests and requirements of our Customers and our long-term relationships with our Customers. We retain this vital independence in all our dealings with agents, principals, partners, carriers, etc.

    We retain the flexibility to switch cargo between different services and carriers when the need arises, e.g. through general service problems, industrial action, adverse weather, equipment shortages, or strategically, with our Customers' interests the only consideration.

    Essential elements in our ability to provide the optimum level of service to our Customers, are the quality of our suppliers and our relationships with them. We cultivate these relationships and nurture our reputation as a fair and even-handed company to do business with.

    Our size belies substantial buying power as Preferred Forwarders to several large multi-national companies, complimented by the substantial buying power of Strategic Partners, and close working relationships we cultivate with our major suppliers. We employ all the skills and information at our disposal to optimize buying power and provide services to Customers that represent Value for Money.

    We recognize the value of information and our role and responsibility to provide Customers with comprehensive management information "at their finger-tips" as an essential part of our service. We provide reports in a variety of formats, customized in response to individual Customer requirements.

    To maintain a competitive edge, and provide Value Added Service, we recognize that we must anticipate the changing and evolving needs of our Customers and we are pro-active in responding to these requirements. Through ongoing communication with our Customers we strive to identify ways in which we can constantly enhance our service to them.

    As a registered firm of Quality System to I.S. EN ISO 9002: 1994, we have implemented and maintain the required quality standards and systems necessary to be accredited for this standard by the National Standards Authority of Ireland. Where possible we engage subcontractors who are similarly accredited, in the interest of maintaining the quality chain.
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