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We offer a unique and specialised range of consolidation services by air and ocean from the USA and ASIA. These services are highly developed offering total reliability and efficiency. Think of ILCS as an extension of your office in Asia and the USA.

Services include:

  • Order Monitoring: We monitor your P/Os with overseas vendors to ensure on-time despatch.

  • Daily on hand reports: Tailored reports are available showing shipments received at our overseas stations by P/O, part number and quantities on a daily basis.

  • Vendor assembly: Shipments from multiple suppliers can be consolidated and shipped as one consignment to achieve cost effectiveness.

  • Mode of Transport: You choose the mode of transport required for individual shipments or we can split shipments part by air and part by sea. to achieve optimum cost effectiveness.

  • Our ocean consolidation services offer an alternative to airfreight at a fraction of the airfreight costs.
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